Welcome to my kitchen!

You’ve probably heard that meal planning can help you save money, keep on track with a healthy diet, and free up more of your time. But if you’ve never been one to put much thought into your weekly menus, or you’re not a super-organized person by nature, the idea of meal planning can feel downright overwhelming.

I honestly started meal planning under duress. With just my husband and I to cook for, I have to humbly admit that we ate out a lot. But in January, my step-son moved in with us to complete his last semester of college and I knew we had to change our eating habits for several reasons. One, because of scheduling, I would probably end up running out at least 2 times to get food and two, we couldn’t afford how much we were spending on take out before so we for sure couldn’t with three people to feed. And three, our take out choices had become really unhealthy and left us feeling tired and bloated all of the time. I had to make meal planning work.

It was tough at first. Figuring out what everyone likes, trying to infuse some variety week after week and creating a once a week shopping list without forgetting anything were only a few of the obstacles I had to overcome.

It really is worth it though. Once you get into the swing of a meal planning system, you’ll be glad you did. These tips will help you figure out how to make meal planning work for you – so you can start saving money, time, and sanity!

If you’re still undecided on whether to take the plunge and commit to meal planning, start here.