I’ve put together a list of some of the best bread machines for 2020. I’ve based my list both on functionality of the bread machines, and their combined reviews on Amazon. It was important that I build my list with those bread makers that would be a welcome addition to your kitchen!

Best Bread Machines for 2020

Bread making has been a hobby for many at-home bakers, people trying to save some money, or even those who just love some homemade bread, for centuries. During the first half of 2020, bread making has been much more popular. Many people have been looking for the best ways to make bread at home. 

Thankfully, making bread has become increasingly easier since humans started making bread. You don’t have to build any sort of brick or clay oven – though some may prefer that method. Some people have been experimenting with their grills and fire pits. You can also go traditional and just pop it in the oven or – even better and easier –  use a bread machine so you can set it and forget it.

How are you to choose the best bread machine for your needs when there are so many options out there? You can get large or small loaf capacity. You can find some that automatically add fruits and nuts. What if you want a more traditional looking loaf of bread? How long can you set a delayed start? Does gluten-free bread bake the same in a bread maker? You can find a space-saver or something more elegant and sleek.

I’ve put together a list of some of the best bread machines for 2020. I’ve based my list both on functionality of the bread machines, and their combined reviews on Amazon. It was important that I build my list with those bread makers that would be a welcome addition to your kitchen!

11 Top Bread Makers For 2020

1. Cuisinart 2-lb Bread Maker

The Cuisinart 2-lb Bread Maker has an array of great features, including gluten-free and artisan bread recipes. With twelve pre-programmed menu options including French, whole wheat, and even cake, this machine is made for busy cooks.

2. Aicok Stainless Steel Bread Machine

Need bread fast? The Aicok will not only have your bread done in two hours, but it can also make three different sizes of bread. This model comes with a detachable fruit and nut dispenser to make your bread more flavorful and healthy.

3. Hamilton Beach Digital Bread Maker

If you are newer to bread making, like many are in our new form of normal, this Hamilton Beach model is for you. With three easy steps for use – add ingredients, select cycle, and press start – this breadmaker is super simple to use.  Able to make quick bread with no yeast and audibly remind you when to add fruits and nuts, this Hamilton Beach product is a great selection for a first-time baker. The interior pan is dishwasher safe and comes with two kneading paddles.

4 Cuisinart CBK-110P1 Bread Maker

Making bread in a small kitchen can seem nearly impossible, with mixing, kneading, and proofing all being potentially space-consuming projects. The CBK-110 is a slim model measuring at 10.2 x 13.2 x 11.2 inches and only about 10 pounds. It also has an interior light so you can see your beautiful bread throughout the baking process.

5. Secura Bread Maker Machine 2.2lb Stainless Steel Toaster

This versatile model has 19 preset menu settings, 3 loaf sizes and 3 crust options available at a touch of a button. It can make a variety of breads, pizza doughs, cakes, yogurts and jams. The 15 hour delay function is a game-changer for those days when you want fresh bread waiting for you first thing in the morning!

6. Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Breadmaker

The Zojirushi will definitely give you more of an oven-baked bread feel. The bread pan lays on its side, differing from most bread machines, which have a vertical loaf pan. This unit also comes with two mixing blades, measuring spoons, and measuring cups, as well as a recipe book. This machine is also able to make meatloaf, making it a much more versatile kitchen appliance than most bread makers!

7. KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine

The KBS is large, sleek, and beautiful. Stainless steel coating, tempered glass cover, and a fully digital, intuitive touch panel and control make this model a great match for any kitchen.  Programmed with a fifteen-hour delay start and a one-hour automatic “keep warm” function, this is a great bread machine for a busy family.

8. AmazonBasics 2 Pound Non-Stick Bread Making Machine

This bread machine is the perfect entryway kitchen accessory and it is both long-lasting and durable considering the cost. With a two-pound loaf capacity and an Expressbake function, this bread maker is great for large families or those that like to have bread stored away in the freezer for a rainy day.

9. The Foolproof Bread Maker

The Foolproof Bread Maker by Hammacher Schlemmer is a convection machine with the capability to make a unique loaf of bread with the “crispy crust” setting. Over 100 different combinations of bread can be made with this model. It also includes a lifetime guarantee!

10. T-fal 7211001527 Bread Machine

If you are going for gluten-free breads in your baking endeavors, try the T-fal ActiBread. It was designed specifically for gluten-free bread, pasta, and even cake. You can actually make your cake and eat it, too! The T-fal can make three different sizes of either gluten-free or standard bread loaves (or, of course, cake).

11. Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

Looking for that photo-worthy loaf from a bread machine without that imperfect hook indent? Want your grandmother’s twenty-seven step bread recipe to become super simplified? The Breville Custom Loaf Bread Maker is where it’s at. The mixing hook even collapses down to lessen the dent in the fully baked bread. You can not only save your personal recipes, but you can also make dough for pasta, pizza, and focaccia as well as pause the process for shaping crust and adding glaze for a beautifully finished loaf.

Whether you are a newly minted baker starting with quick breads, taking a pizza crust to a new level, or a tried and true purveyor of sourdough with your own starters, a bread machine is bound to make any bread-making journey much easier.

Enjoy your next baking adventure!

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