Take your meals from bland to grand with this list of must have herbs and spices every kitchen needs to keep in stock.

10 Herbs And Spices Every Kitchen Needs

Herbs and spices are vital for making your meals flavorful even with the simplest ingredients. When stocking your kitchen you want to gather herbs and spices that allow you to make your family quality meals they want to eat even on a budget.

These ten herbs and spices are a great start for building your spice stock.

Salt is vital for your health though in limited amounts. Rather than eating pre-made foods packed with salt you can use your own salt and have full control of how much sodium is in your diet. Having a variety of salt including iodized table salt and pink Himalayan salt is a great way to add flavor to your food.

Pepper is perfect for seasoning food after cooking or adding a kick of flavor while you cook. A peppercorn grinder for truly fresh ground pepper is the best way to take advantage of the flavor pepper has to offer.

Cinnamon is a true staple for your kitchen. Cinnamon can make a great addition to everything from oatmeal to deserts and add flavor to fruits and vegetables. Having cinnamon on hand is a great way to be ready to mix up a fun treat in the kitchen as simple as adding to peanut butter or sprinkling with sugar over baked apples.

Oregano is one of the most commonly used spices in Italian dishes. When you think of pizza you often think of the smell of toasted oregano in the sauce. Stocking oregano in your kitchen allows you to add a dash of extra flavor quickly and easily to even the blandest pasta sauce.

Basil like oregano is an Italian classic that goes well in pretty much everything. Basil makes a great addition to soups and sauces allowing you to improve the flavor and give it something special.

Thyme has a great flavor that goes well with poultry and seafood. Thyme makes a great addition to potatoes as well. Use Thyme to flavor sauces and stews.

Rosemary is another herb that can make for amazing poultry dishes. Use to give flavor to soups and stews or make your own herbed bread for serving alongside meals.

Chilli powder is the simplest way to add a kick to chili, tacos, and other savory dishes. This is a great way to kick up the flavor is a dish that is too sweet for your liking. Use chili powder to add a kick to your favorite barbecue recipe.

Garlic is one of the best herbs to keep in your kitchen for adding flavor to just about anything savory. Garlic powder or dried minced garlic are great options though if you have space and will use it quickly fresh garlic is always the best option.

Paprika is great for adding something special to your meals. From homemade barbecue to adding flavor to homemade mac and cheese. Choose a smoked variety for even more flavor. This is a staple for soups, chili, and tacos allowing you to add more flavor to your store-bought mixes or making your own.

I must admit that I used to be very weary of adding spices to my homemade meals. But once you understand the uses of each and how they can make your dish go from bland to grand, you will be adding a pinch here and there, even in pre-made meals. Try it and let me know how you make out!

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